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Redline Raceway Gets Saved
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Redline Raceway Gets Saved:  Here at Hot Rods Now, we enjoy a day at the track.  We've raced several different cars over the last couple of years and we have raced them at most of the area tracks a time or two.  But the track we always liked best and the one we considered our hometown track was Redline Raceway in Caddo Mills.  It was very short trip from our shop to the track and we loved everything about that place.  Then last year the track closed and there were rumors that it was going to be a flea market....There was a considerable amount of saddness in the local racing community over this.  As a HUGE advocate of taking your car to the track and keeping the racing OFF the streets, this really hit home for us.  Recently the rumors began going the other way and we started hearing rumblings that there had been a sharp turn in the course this place was taking.....upon seeing the picture above, when it was posted to Redline Raceway's Facebook page, it became a reality to us.  We currently don't have a car that is exactly suitable to race with, but I promise that when this track opens back up, we will be there....with or without a car, we intend to support this track.  And don't worry...if you've been following us for long, then you know we buy, sell or trade our cars at the drop of a hat.....just because we don't have a race car this week, doesn't mean a darn thing about next week. 

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On Easter Sunday, I didn't get any chocolate bunnies or any colored eggs.  I didn't get any new clothes and I certainly didn't eat any little yellow marshmellow chickens.  I did however recieve a delivery from a long time friend.  Here's the quick story:

A buddy of mine, who may be the most unselfish person I know, has decided to liquidate his collection of old cars so he can help his sister.  She has been diagnosed with cancer and he is doing all he can to help her and her family financially.  When he told me about the cars he had, there was one that piqued my interest.  A 1956 unmolested Dodge Coronet.  It's by no means a shiney barn find, but it is a low mileage (32K) complete car with the seldom seen 270cid 'Super Red Ram' engine.  That engine is also commonly called the 'Poly' or a 'Semi-Hemi'.  He had a price on it but considering the reason he was selling, I didn't want to try to beat him down on the price.  So I said to him, "Dan, I love haggling and going back and forth, but I'm not gonna do it this time...I'll just ask what your bottom dollar is."  He gave me an answer and I liked it, so I bought the car.  Below are some pictures of the car as we were cleaning it up.  We really like this car, but we need another car like we need a hole in the head...so we aren't sure what we are gonna do with it.  For now, we are cleaning it up and in the next week or so we intend to get this baby purring like a kitten. Check out the pics below (click any pic to enlarge) and let us know wat you think about it and tell us what we should do with it by clicking here.


What you are seeing here is a well thought out car.  What started out as a stylish piece of Detroit iron has been transformed into a stunning cruiser.  With a completely reworked drivetrain that includes.......more

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